“We need to find solutions before we cross the threshold where the climate will be so different, causing some humans to have no food or water and so hot many will die.  We must act now as a global community to solve these problems. What is at stake? Everything!” Quote from scientists who spent a year on the Arctic Drift a PBS Nova documentary.



The global aviation industry consumes 400 Billion liters of jet fuel per year,  Each Synergetic Energy plant will make 8.6 Million liters of synthetic hydrogen fuel per day cost effectively. Building multiple facilities – on ships. 300 facilities can decarbonize the entire global aviation industry.  That’s just one of the Syntholene solutions for  solving the problem of global warming.

Creating power using wind or solar will have very little impact on the planet. It’s just an exercise in optics or an effort to scoop taxpayer money. The world will be using oil for many years, so taking CO2 from the oceans using hydrogen  fuel synthesis  to make a cost effective synthetic fuel will put an end to fossil fuel industry.  CO2 reduction in the ocean reduces the acids that are destroying the coral reefs. Carbon neutral fuel production makes sense especially if the cost is the same or less than fossil fuel. The next 10 years are crucial, we have technologies to save this planet, be part of the solution. 

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Established in 2013, Terrestrial Energy is an industry-leading  technology company committed to delivering reliable, emission-free, and  cost-competitive energy with a truly innovative advanced reactor design.

Achieving the world’s climate and energy goals requires nothing less  than a complete transformation of how the world’s energy is produced.

Nuclear energy is clean, reliable and vastly scalable. Many experts  have concluded that nuclear energy must play a leading role in the clean  energy economy of the future.

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 TransAct is a Waste Optimization company for the Circular Economy, that has developed the World’s first and only ‘Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant‘ . The technology provides a unique solution to returning municipal waste to the community as useful products. 

TransAct processes  municipal waste at large-scale volume, in an environmentally sensitive  manner, and breaks it down into core components. These components can  then be sold at market or thru advanced supply contracts and generate  revenue. Trans Act does not use incineration like other technologies. This is what makes Trans Act unique when dealing with global waste.

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